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Beach Gear

beach equipment

Beach Equipment

We carry the gear so that you don’t have to!  It can be a time consuming struggle to get all of that fun in the sun gear down to the beach and back. Whether your house is on the beach or further back, we will provide the chairs, shade, and cooler as well as carry your own extra fun gear to the beach. All full service beach gear rentals include daily setup with fresh towels and ice for your cooler so that your family and friends can relax and enjoy your vacation.

4 chairs, Shibumi shade, cooler with ice, 4 towels
1 week (6 days) $500
2 weeks (13 days) $800

Additional chair and daily towel $50/week
Sand toys $25/week
Boogie Boards $25/week

Just need the gear? À la carte options are the following based on a 6 day rental (call for more options if you need 1/2 week or less):

$20 per chair 

$90 per Shibumi 

$10 per towel

$20 per cooler


We also offer mini Shibumis that are great for 2-3 people.

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