Savvy Band of Pirates Commandeers Vessel

Out on the high seas, far in the distance, loomed an ominous looking ship. The wind billowed in her sails and she moved at a fast clip, quickly approaching our tiny boat. Seaspray sailed through the air as water crashed off of her bow and in the blink of an eye, they were upon us. Pirates! They came careening over the side of their vessel bearing arms and telling us to line up to walk the plank. It was obvious that these nefarious villains wanted no adults left standing.

Luckily, we survived the plunge and noticed a nearby island. As we waded through the water to the island, we caught a glimpse of the pirates holding a grand feast on a shaded stretch of beach. We stayed low in the water and watched to see just what it was they were up to. As they feasted on grilled steaks, corn on the cob, and cupcakes piled high with icing, birthday balloons waved in the sea breeze. What exactly were these little rascals up to? It looked like they had seized our little ship to use as a dingy to get to shore to celebrate their captain's birthday!

As we watched on, it was obvious the crew's level of excitement was growing rapidly. We heard snippets of conversation--it sounded like they were planning to search for buried treasure! Captain J.J. suddenly shot off his gun and they were off running. The pirates ran up the beach and disappeared in the undergrowth of a high dune. We were waiting, full of suspense, when we heard raucous calls of delight. "We found the X!"

Suddenly, the pirates came crashing back through the undergrowth, treasure chest in hand and smiling madly. They torn at the treasure chest trying to pry it open. And when they did, mounds of shining necklaces, jewelry, money, and candy came pouring out onto the sand. With squeals of delight, they laden themselves with the jewels and hungrily tore at the candy wrappers.

After such an action packed day, the pirates were soon sound asleep on the sandy beach, dreaming of their days on the high seas. We knew it was our time to make a move, so we quickly scooped the little crew in our arms and carried them back to our boat. The sun filled the evening sky with a dazzling orange glow as we headed home to tuck the pirates into bed.

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